ADHD and Autism can make navigating a world built by and for neurotypical folks very challenging. I’m here to help.

Below please find my approach to psychotherapy and consultation for ADHD and Autism available to clients in Oregon, New York and Vermont.

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ADHD and Autism

In my work as both a clinical psychologist and a school psychologist I have had the opportunity to study ADHD and Autism across the contexts of home, school and work, and across the human lifespan. ADHD and autism are not the same, and there is specificity to how I treat each one. I will describe my work with both here, however, as there are common threads that can help you understand my approach whether you are autistic, an ADHD-er, or both! I can help you realize the value and brilliance of a neurodivergent brain, while making it easier to work within the confines of a society that assumes neurotypicality.

What Support Do You Offer To Help Me Improve My Experience And Reach My Goals?

I have developed a specific model that focuses on stress and anxiety, and the impact this can have on executive functioning (an umbrella term for the ability to pay attention, follow through on tasks, and stay focused). A video describing my approach can be viewed below and is specific to autism, however, can also be applied to other forms of neurodivergence including ADHD.

Work Together

In our work together, we will first address how to unwind stress, anxiety, and even shame related to your experience with neurodivergence. This will help create more safety in your brain and nervous system. Consequently, you will open up the bandwidth to then learn how to use your values, passions, and joys to move confidently toward your goals.

I Have Never Been Diagnosed With ADHD Or Autism, But I’m Sure I Have One Or Both. Can You Still Help Me?

Absolutely. Whether you have an official diagnosis or not, the model I use will still help you with your executive functioning. If you want an assessment to determine whether you meet criteria for an ADHD diagnosis, I can also provide that. If you are hoping to look into an official autism diagnosis, I can connect you with those who can help.

Do You Have Specific Approaches To ADHD And Autism

Yes. In addition to the model I have developed, I also pull from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness-based therapy approaches, and Internal Family Systems therapy to address symptoms of ADHD and autism, though it is not my philosophy that autism or ADHD themselves require treatment. Rather, it is often the symptoms that arise from the stress of interfacing with neurotypicality that folks come to me for help with.

How Do You Do Therapy?

I offer virtual therapy to clients in Oregon, New York and Vermont. I take a collaborative approach to understand your goals and needs, and we will generate a treatment plan together in order to clear the blocks to accessing your full potential.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Treatment often starts out weekly for 6-8 weeks. During this time we will diagnose the patterns that are not serving you, and set up a path to increasing basic safety and increasing mental bandwidth. This will allow you to then clarify what you really want and how to joyfully move toward it. After that, many clients choose to continue weekly for accountability, deeper exploration, and regular support. Other clients may choose to move to bi-weekly or monthly maintenance or to stop altogether if they are feeling better.

How Can I Get Started?

I offer individual, couples, and family therapy to folks in Oregon, New York and Vermont. Answers to common questions about my practice can be found here. If you would like to have a chat to explore working together, please reach out by email at, or by phone at 802-671-4037.

Please Reach Out

I’d love to learn how I can support you! I’m available for in-person and virtual events.