Family Counseling To Help Your Family Get On Track

Welcome! Below please find my approach to family counseling available to clients in Oregon, New York and Vermont.

Family Counseling For Traditional And Non-traditional Families Alike

A healthy family system can be identified by its ability to buffer the stress of the world for all family members, more often than it creates new stress. When we meet for family counseling, my first question to all family members will be “what could make life in your home, in your family, more fun for you?” I believe that by following the natural desire for joy and connection with our loved ones, and by working to remove the fear and related blocks to connection, all families can benefit. This work does tend to ask the most of parents compared to children, as parenting is the most important and most difficult job in the world. What I know to be true is parents have the power to rewrite the story of wellness, hope and possibility both up and down a generational line. I can’t wait to help you see what is possible as far as helping yourself, your children, and maybe even your own caregivers through this work!

Who Can Be Helped In Family Counseling?

The beauty of family counseling is that it can improve the individual lives of all family members. That is how instrumental a more harmonious family can really be in the story of our lives. I work with traditional families, blended families, queer families, families with adult children, friend families, and really anyone who is seeking more peace and connection with those closest to them.

What Family Situations Do You Work With?

Families often come to me for help supporting kids with elements of neurodivergence such as autism and ADHD. I often work with queer families, families experiencing anxiety or depression, as well as families dealing with trauma, learning challenges, or bullying. I also help families who are navigating a big transition like a move, changes to the relationship structures within the family, an illness in the family, and/or switching schools. I believe most everyone can make use of at least a bit of family counseling, given both the importance and the difficulty of relating well with those closest to us.

Does My Whole Family Need To Come To Counseling?

Whenever possible I begin family counseling by meeting with the adults and the kids separately to build trust and get a sense of the areas with room for growth or improvement. From there, we do try to meet as a whole family as much as possible, though different groupings can happen as we flex to everyone’s schedules. Additionally, I may continue to meet separately with adults for caregiver coaching over the course of family counseling.

Do You Offer In-person And Virtual Family Counseling?

I offer both virtual and in-person coaching to families based in Oregon. I offer virtual counseling to families in New York and Vermont.

What Does Family Counseling Cost?

Cost per session is $225. I can help you submit for out of network reimbursement if your insurance plan has that option.  Under certain circumstances I am also able to offer sliding-scale with some flexibility on cost.

Do You Offer In-person And Virtual Counseling?

I offer primarily virtual counseling, with limited availability for in-person sessions for clients based on Portland, Oregon. My virtual license extends to Oregon, New York, Vermont and Colorado.  If you are in any of those states and interested in couples counseling, please reach out.

What Does Counseling Cost?

My rate is $200 per session, and I can help you submit for out-of-network benefits if your plan provides those.  Under certain circumstances I am also able to offer sliding-scale with some flexibility on cost.

How Can I Get Started?

If you would like to have a chat to explore working together, please reach out by email at, or by phone at 802-671-4037. You can also find answers to common questions about my practice can be found here