Reflective Practice

This experience will replenish your capacity to keep up your important work in the world, doing so authentically and aligned with your inspiration for becoming an educator in the first place.

A Bit On Reflective Practice

When the pandemic was at its worst, educators operated much like the lonely violin players on the Titanic as the ship was sinking. The ongoing pandemic and subsequent restructuring of our society have meant that infrastructure and support teachers need have been lacking to put it mildly. Teacher turnover is very high, and those who have stayed have often felt burned-out and alone.

If you are looking for connection, strategies, and inspiration to maintain passion and hope, this is what I am offering to you!

Reflective practice groups are a supportive space to acknowledge and repair the adverse effect your work can have on you, free from professional consequence or unsolicited advice. Using the guiding principles of reflective practice, our sessions are designed to reduce the effects of compassion fatigue. These virtual sessions offer an ongoing opportunity to process emotions, learn and share strategies to maintain hope and resiliency in the community of others who understand the unique demands of working in schools.

How I Can Help You

My experiences in schools have included a full-time school psychologist position overseeing behavioral programs and interventionists, extensive cognitive and developmental evaluations, and working closely with NYU’s ASD Nest Support Project to bring New York City public schools into alignment with the needs of autistic students. I also teach extensively through the Vermont Higher Education Collaborative and Castleton University, offering workshops courses to educators on topics centering around emotional intelligence in schools.

In all of my school consulting positions, I provide virtual learning opportunities for educators on topics including trauma and resiliency, social and emotional learning, mindfulness, and addressing and shifting the ineffective and inequitable patterns of reactive punishment, power dynamics, and burnout and resentment among both staff and students in public schools. These topics are the core of what we focus on in Reflective Practice.

Reflective Practice groups are aimed at addressing how you can

Here’s What Past Reflective Practice Participants Have Shared About The Work

Gillian, Thank you so much for your expertise and facilitation of this group. I appreciated the monthly meetings. I especially appreciated the size of the group and the connections we shared. I quickly was able to develop trust and ease in sharing throughout the year.

Casey O'Meara

Curriculum Director
Provided to share our new learning with our staff in “mini lesson” format and are hopeful that it has been beneficial to them as well!

Joelle Van Lent

Clinical Psychologist

A close colleague and I have both participated in Gillian’s sessions since October. I feel I have personally learned very relevant information that I have applied to my own efforts to remain resilient during this very challenging year. Additionally, my colleague and I have utilized the slides.

Joelle Van Lent

Clinical Psychologist
I appreciated that Gillian provided an overview of the concept then a real life example of the concept, followed by modeling how to implement the work to effect real change. I learned a lot in a short session!

Joelle Van Lent

Clinical Psychologist
It felt great to be in a small group and have time to share and to listen to others. It felt like a small director’s counseling session. It helped me recharge and do my job. The work with Gillian and our small group of colleagues is relevant and meaningful. I look forward to it every month! It’s been a lifeline during these difficult times. I enjoy the structure with new info presented first and then time for personal/group reflections. The content is extremely relevant and Gillian’s presentation really grounds me in the knowledge and importance of understanding that for students and myself personally. She creates a safe environment for sharing:-)

Joelle Van Lent

Clinical Psychologist

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