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Gillian has expertise in several areas that are underserved. The unique combination of strong clinical knowledge, engaging teaching ability, and in-depth understanding of systems change is invaluable. Gillian is consistently calm, confident, and humble. Her expertise and genuine personal style quickly and easily elicit trust and engagement from youth, parents, and colleagues.

Gillian has a way of putting people at ease while inspiring them into action that is impressive to observe. I admire how she can attune to people quickly and blend her knowledge and expertise with their needs. She is true to her values and ethics while being flexible and sensitive to various community norms. I value our collaboration, trust her without hesitation, and consistently hear incredible feedback about her work.

Gillian has worked in urban and rural settings, as well as spent time working in both outpatient clinics and public schools. The varied background allows her to be very practical in her teaching, realistic in her recommendations, grounded in her expectations, and inspiring in her belief in even the most complex systems to change and improve.

She can see the big picture and the minute details simultaneously. Gillian is among the most talented that I have had the privilege to work alongside, as well as simply a lovely person.

Joelle VanLent

Clinical Psychologist and School Consultant
Gillian’s work with Vermont’s schools as a psychologist, consultant, and trainer have positioned her to gain a deep understanding of how schools work and a recognition of the urgent need for staff training in social and emotional learning, trauma-informed teaching, race, gender, mental health and more. As an educator, Gillian empowers her students to explore deeper learning while also maintaining healthy balance in their lives. I have found Gillian a joy to work with professionally. She is strong and clear, genuinely kind, a person who leads with understanding and courage.

Susie Merrick

Healthy Schools Coordinator, South Burlington School District

Gillian’s trainings/workshops offer a powerful mix of theory and practice. Educators/You learn not only what to do in specific situations to better support their students and communities but why these practices are so necessary and impactful. Everyone/You leave/s with a deeper understanding as well as a broader collection of strategies and tools.

Gillian is one of those rare consultants who understands educational systems, the educators navigating those systems, and the students who sit at the center of these systems. Bringing profound professional expertise and deep clinical experience, Gillian helps students, educators, and school leaders create more supportive, equitable learning environments where everyone’s needs and perspectives are seen and valued so that everyone can thrive.

Lauren Hough Williams

Program for Inclusion and Neurodiversity Education (PINE)| Executive Director NYU Steinhardt

We are very thankful for your willingness to work with us. It was noted, and appreciated, your skillful use humor, imagery, sound, and depth of understanding in your presentation. As well, your ability to manage time and recognize the audience, starting and ending at times you stated, was also taken note of.

Casey O'Meara

Curriculum Director

Gillian has many gifts, and they are all on display when she teaches. Gillian exemplifies calm, connection, and empathy. Her presentations are a radical change from the frenetic pace our participants feel in their everyday work in schools. In Gillian’s classes adult learners get the chance to slow down, consider ways to reconnect with their students and themselves, and are reminded of the power of empathy.

Gillian is wise, kind, and approachable. Her vast experience working with trauma, coupled with her warmth and effervescent nature, allow for busy minds to open and shift perspective. Gillian is committed to optimizing teachers’ efforts to support their students.

Gillian guides learners to:

1) remember what they know is true about good teaching and learning

2) uncover how to foster and sustain resilience in themselves and

3) recommit to creating and maintaining environments that support all students.

Gillian is a clear and timely communicator allowing us to work seamlessly together. It is clear that Gillian leads with her heart, and encourages us to do the same. I highly recommend Gillian as both a highly effective instructor and collaborative colleague.

Wendy Cohen, M.Ed.

Director of Professional Development Vermont Higher Education Collaborative (VT-HEC)

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