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Dr. Gillian Boudreau At Vermont Higher Education Collaborative

Stress and Resilience as we Navigate COVID-19

With Dr. Joelle van Lent and Dr. Gillian Boudreau

Building upon what we already know about stress and resilience, Joelle and Gillian discuss how reducing the impact of fear supports our ability to learn, regulate, and sustain relationships.

Dr. Gillian Boudreau At Vermont Higher Education Collaborative

We Made It Through The School Year- Now What?

Highlighting the impact of uncertainty and unrest on individual and collective nervous system functioning, Joelle and Gillian continue the conversation on framing our work with students, families, and coworkers during the pandemic.
Dr. Gillian Boudreau At Nyu Steinhardt

Social Hangouts for Autistic Teens

Gain an understanding of parents can approach facilitating social time for autistic adolescents. This workshop covers pre-teaching around hidden rules and expectations and finding activities that can be enjoyable for teens with varying interests to do together. Also addressed are family-based strategies for assisting teens in dealing with the emotional intensity that goes along with adolescent peer interactions.
Dr. Gillian Boudreau At Nyu Steinhardt

Safe and Sound: Creating an Environment of Calm

Children on the autism spectrum can be especially sensitive to an anxious environment at home, and may respond to even day to day stress with some of the more challenging behaviors associated with the diagnosis. In this video, learn how anxiety can have a profound and surprising impact amplifying symptoms often associated with autism. Also hear about the developmental potential in actively creating a home environment that can help children on the spectrum to metabolize anxiety. Learn how specific strategies to create and foster an environment and a relational style that will serve to reduce anxiety at home and foster growth and development.
Dr. Gillian Boudreau At Nyu Steinhardt

Understanding and Addressing Anxiety with Autistic Children

Children on the autism spectrum may experience significant anxiety which can impact their own lives as well as the dynamics within their families. Because of the unique way that anxiety combines with autism, triggers and symptoms of anxiety can be difficult for families to anticipate and address—resulting in misinterpretation of common expressions of anxiety and preventing effective intervention.

In this workshop, participants will learn to recognize and understand anxious patterns among children and adolescents on the spectrum. Parents will be educated about effective treatment options and will practice powerful and innovative techniques to effectively reduce anxiety at home.

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